What the Fudge, Mr. Fudge?

We’re back! Living on a tight budget in Paris is hard. We had to cut back on our expenses and unfortunately having internet in our apartment was not a priority. Finally things are looking brighter. And bit by bit we can afford more of what we’ve seen as basic things in life. Having a coffee now and then is fab! Espen will start to work soon if the employer is bothered giving him a start date as my boss told me she heard from the HR he got the job.

Desperately looking for new sources of income we decided to make one of our huge cravings into a business (we’re certain of that): for some creamy dreamy fudgin’ fudge!

I’ve had cravings for fudge probably the last year or so. Espen had some fudge sent down for my birthay. Even though it was good, I knew we could make better.Untitled

Five pans ten kilos of sugar half a kilo syrup and a shit load of condensed milk went to waste before we finally made something that could resemble fudge, but not quite.

So even more sugar, syrup and condensed milk later, we did it! The perfect yummy scrummy Fudge!



High on sugar we decided to try out different kinds of recipes and varieties of fudge: Caramel, Vanilla, Dark chocolate, White chocolate and liquorice.



And in our best moment and a tremendous sugar rush we got the best idea EVER! Loads of leftover Chocolate Fudge and we were trying to perfect the Caramel Fudge when we decided to cut the Chocolate Fudge into small chunks and add it to the perfect Caramel Fudge!


Fudge in Fudge!


That is Double Trouble. Double Fudge. Who can resist this Fudge in Fudge Fudge. Tempting Caramel Fudge with silky chocolate Fudge chunks. It is heaven for any chocolate and caramel lover.


We sold ourselves straight away. The world left to be sold!

Want some Fudgin Fudge from Mr. Fudge? Have a look at our Etsy shop. NOW.Or later. Whatever. Just do it. When you have time. Or now.