Stress, Stress and some Fun!

Some days you wake up ready to take on all the challenges which might come. Maybe just beacuse you know you have so many things to do. Wednesdays are normally Nathans and mine day out of Clichy as we have lunch date with Mom in Gennevilliers. Today, no exception, but the date was moved one hour forward.

It is strange how much an hour can affect an entire day. We are rather slow in the mornings. Waking up, changing clothes, having porrage, brushing teeth and then walking to park takes a couple of hours. Today we had to do it all in an hour, before going to the market to buy fresh vegetables and fruit for the lunch. Was it worth it? Always! But, not too often though.

Mom chasing Nathan. She needs to get back to work and we need to get back to Clichy.

Mom chasing Nathan. She needs to get back to work and we need to get back to Clichy.

The rest of the day followed the trend of the morning. Taking the train to see mom. Train back. Having a siesta. Normally the siesta is until he wakes up, but today I had to wake him up due to our appointment with the pediatrician. So running to the metro station with a slice of bread instead of sitting down waking up slowly after nap time.

Good thing the pediatrician spoke English. Actually very good English, so that took some of the pressure of myself and my French skills. As soon as we finished we met Mom in the 17th for a chocolate au pain before we strolled home again.

After a long day it is nice to sit down as a family and have something to eat, While I was preparing dinner Nathan and Mom got some time in front of the Macbook watching some Peppa Pig. All of us had the chance to sit down and unwind. Another day tomorrow with updates on what the pediatrician asks for when registering for the first time.