Finding a pediatrician in Paris.

We try to set goals for every day. We go to the park every day and we make sure we have some indoor activities as well. Routine is important, but new challenges are something both Nathan and me needs. Today we had 2 goals:

1. Finding a pediatrician for Nathan.

2. Nathan walking himself to town without the stroller and replacing it with the trotinette (kickbike).

The latter went very well. Even though Nathan soon lost interest in the trotinette and dad had to carry it himself there is a enourmous improvement in the walks without the stroller. Of course he still wants to touch everything and he is distracted by every small detail, but he seems to like holding hands more than before. It’s practice for him not being all over the place and a maybe a greater challenge for me in being patient and appreciating the things he finds interest in.

Nathan walking in Clichy without his stroller.

Nathan walking in Clichy without his stroller.

The main purpose of the stroll to the centre of Clichy was to try to find a pediatrician. Being used to the system in Spain and Norway we thought things would probably be more or less the same here. You find a medical centre, you register and you get an appointment. We soon soon found out that things are a little bit different here. You do not find the medical centres in Paris and Clichy: it seems like most doctors have their own practices. After going to the tourist information we actually found out that there are no more than 2 pediatricians in Clichy. We also learned from a local pharmacist that you do not need to go to a doctor in your own town. Being put off a little bit, we made a quick search on the internet. Lots of professionals in the area, but I had to call. Not being to happy to call I forwarded all the numbers I found to my wife who has plenty of colleagues who speak French. In about a few minutes we had confirmed our appointment in the 17th district in Paris.

Tomorrow we will have our first experience with the French mediacal system and a pediatrician. Nathan needs to get up to date with his vaccines which he has not had since we left Spain and he also got a few rashes which we need to check out. I will make sure to post everything about our experience and how it will be.

Every day is a challenge when moving to a new place. Social security, employment, medicals, CAF etc. I will make sure to post all practical information in a separate menu if others are thinking about moving to France. I hope it will help others in the future and make their move easier.