What the Fudge, Mr. Fudge?

We’re back! Living on a tight budget in Paris is hard. We had to cut back on our expenses and unfortunately having internet in our apartment was not a priority. Finally things are… Continue reading

Most awesome person ever!

You know it’s you, Espen, my favourite person in the world. Happy birthday! I love you more and more for each day that past. You are so good with Nathaniel and me. I… Continue reading

Friday Family Date

After the weekend comes the dreadful Monday. Tuesday is a follow-up, but it feels slighty better. Wednesday is where things are changing and one look forward to the rest of the week. Thursday… Continue reading

Monday Lunch: Couscous

Recipe at the end of the article. Our meals in France seems to be much simpler than what we used to make in Spain. I do think it must be because of the… Continue reading

Autumn in Paris

Finally Saturday. Weekend has started and we have family time together. Weekdays are good, but weekends are the best for all of us. This is a wonderful time of the year. The foliage… Continue reading

Romantic Friday Dinner

This is not how we usually do it, but after a long week, and little inspiration we went for a Norwegian Classic: Pasta and Ketchup. Love you, Yvonne!

Stress, Stress and some Fun!

Some days you wake up ready to take on all the challenges which might come. Maybe just beacuse you know you have so many things to do. Wednesdays are normally Nathans and mine… Continue reading

SuperMom & SuperDad

Finding a pediatrician in Paris.

We try to set goals for every day. We go to the park every day and we make sure we have some indoor activities as well. Routine is important, but new challenges are… Continue reading

Playing in the Sandbox

Playing with NathanielĀ in the sandbox is one of the funniest things we do. It takes me into the moment, just being with him, and sharing the fun with him. I wonder how I… Continue reading